From ideas to action

I am an open source advocate and I write code in my occasional free time to turn my ideas into reality. Started in the early day of SourceForge, and now I am using GitHub as my de facto code repository.

Active Projects
  • myInvestorData analytics application for stock analysis and portfolio management. Currently under development.
  • MessagingToolkit A suite of commercial and open source applications for desktop and mobile messaging.
  • myMobKit Android app to turn your mobile phone into an all-purpose device, exposing various APIs for common use.
  • AppFusion A Java web application developed primarily to test out AWS, machine learning and other cloud computing platforms.

Dormant Projects

I write occassionally. You can find a list of articles that I have written in CodeProject. Some articles won CodeProject best article of the month.

I used to blog here and here but stopped due to time constraint.

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